After a Matrix Assessment Session

All the information and observations will be assembled into a detailed report. This will document the evidence for the conclusions reached and will point to strategies that can be used to help your child achieve their potential.

You can give this report to the school’s Headteacher or SENCO when asking for extra or specialised help for your child. The report can be the basis of discussions with the school's staff about how you can work together in future.

The Matrix Assessment report can be used by the school to create an Individual Educational Plan (IEP). Descriptions of strengths, weaknesses and concerns together with detailed recommendations for learning approaches can be translated directly into targets and provision for teaching and support.

The Matrix Assessment report can also be used as evidence if the school needs to apply for extra funding, for Access Arrangements in examinations and assessments, to inform an Individual Education Plan or if they decide to seek the protection of a Statement (Single Education, Health and Care Plan).

The strategies we will describe to you will help you to continue gathering evidence and deal with some of the inevitable meetings and discussions with staff at school and with the other professionals you might meet in future years.