Before Coming to a Matrix Assessment Session

The important purpose of the Matrix Assessment process is to obtain and document as much information about your child as possible. We can target our activities and observations best if we know all about areas of concern. You will be asked to provide a range of background information from a number of perspectives; for example:

  • An account of your child’s birth, infancy and pre-school years will help us identify early signs of potential difficulty and highlight many strengths.
  • Your child’s medical history, including information about hearing, vision and illnesses, accidents or investigations can help point to factors that may have affected their learning and development at critical times.
  • Your child’s views on school and their progress will help us understand their approach to learning and tackling challenges.
  • Information from school can tell us about previous investigations, current and planned provision and how your child functions in school.
  • Information about the social life and life experiences of your child and family, together with how you see your child now and in the future, will improve our understanding of your child's situation and potential.

You will be given questionnaire forms to complete and return preferably well before the day of the Matrix Assessment session, so we can begin to build up a comprehensive profile of your child’s strengths, weaknesses, experiences and difficulties.