Assessing Learning Difficulties In Children

Before the assessment, you will be given a set of questionnaires and forms to complete and return preferably well before the day of the Matrix Assessment session. We use a range of information when developing our reports, such as medical history, school/educational experiences, family situation and information from previous investigations or assessments. These will enable us to build up a comprehensive profile of your child’s strengths, weaknesses, experiences and difficulties.

The assessment itself will involve a series of activities which are used to build a picture of your child's abilities, skills and learning styles. The process usually takes about three hours to complete. See here for more details. Comfort breaks are built into the assessment schedule, and we do try to make the process as enjoyable as possible for the child.

The final report will document the evidence for the conclusions reached and will point to strategies that can be used to help your child achieve their potential. You can give this report to the school’s Headteacher or SENCO when asking for extra or specialised help for your child. The report can also be used as evidence if the school needs to apply for extra funding, for Access Arrangements in examinations and assessments, to inform an Individual Education Plan or if they decide to seek the protection of a Statement (Single Education, Health and Care Plan).