During a Matrix Assessment Session

We work in a large room with a number of "stations" round the room. Each professional has all the materials and equipment they need to look at a particular aspect of your child's functioning. Before we start we will plan your child's route round the various activities.

In taking your child through a Matrix Assessment we will look at their reading and spelling skills since difficulties in these areas are often the trigger for concerns. However, we will also look at many other areas including:

  • general intellectual abilities
  • short term and working memory
  • visual perception and problem solving
  • attention span and impulse control
  • comprehension and oral language skills
  • handwriting, laterality and coordination skills
  • planning, sequencing and organisation skills

Over a session of about three hours your child will visit a number of different professionals, each of whom will record your child’s performance on their set of activities, making observations of how they approached the tasks given as well as assessing their performance using age-related expectations.

By assessing your child in this way, we will quickly build up a picture of your child from which we will be able to identify the root cause of any learning difficulties your child may be experiencing and establish your child’s learning style.

Even though the sessions have a serious purpose they will be carried out within a relaxed atmosphere and hopefully will be rewarding and good fun for your child. Light refreshments will be available for both children and parents throughout the session. Comfort, rest and exercise breaks will be taken as needed. Children will be asked to bring along a favourite book or toy (no noisy or electronic items please).

Parents will be able to stay in the building to reassure their children and take the opportunity to share their experiences, concerns, ideas and tips with other parents and our staff.

Because we want these sessions to be relaxed and friendly we ask that at least one parent stays at the venue throughout the session. We will provide simple refreshments, usually in a room where parents can meet together and be available to their children. When appropriate parents may be able to observe the assessment. You may be asked to speak with one or more of the professionals so you can clarify information or contribute further information about your child.

Please carefully read all the information here on Confidentiality and Privacy since we expect you to respect and support everyone who is present at a Matrix Assessment.