Getting "Dyslexic" Difficulties Identified

We have had hundreds of calls from worried parents who are concerned about their child's performance in school. In most cases the teachers at school are equally concerned but they can't ask for extra resources without good evidence. Parents and teachers are often told "He's too young for you to be sure!" and decisions about support are left to a later date.

Sometimes parents were told "He's lazy." or "She's a bit slow." but nothing was being done to change things. Unfortunately, the consequences of frustration can become the focus of concerns about the child. The underlying difficulty might be overlooked while challenging behaviours are addressed. With the other difficulties unresolved the outcome is likely to be poor.

Schools and Local Authorities are stretched and often don't have the resources to look closely at the individual needs of all the children who are facing difficulties. Parents, and schools, want to know NOW so they can target their efforts on supporting their child.

The expertise needed to identify difficulties can be expensive and not every school will have their own specially trained teacher. Worse still, the waiting lists for the Local Authority Specialist Teachers or the Educational Psychologist can be months long. Sometimes there will be many other demands for children to be assessed before your child can get on the list!

To help you Lucem has developed a unique service, Matrix Assessment. This combines, in a single session, a series of assessments and observations using the skills of experienced and well qualified professionals including Psychologists and Specialist Teachers.

We are arranging assessment sessions in locations near to you at times to suit you.

Call us today to get details of the programme.