Assessment Sessions for FE/HE Providers

We can arrange a Matrix Assessment session at your campus for a minimum of six students. The charge will be £400 per student and the university/college will receive a detailed report for each student within four weeks of the assessment day.

It may be possible to offer a 10% discount to universities/colleges who book two Matrix Assessment sessions in one day (twelve students).

Each Matrix Assessment session is tailor-made to your requirements, but typical models are:

  • A university/college would book a Matrix Assessment session (three hours) for six students from their own campus.
  • A university/college would book two Matrix Assessment sessions for the same day (twelve students/six hours). The students may all come from one campus or from a number of local establishments. The host campus would receive a 10% discount.

The Matrix Assessment Team will consist of a range of specialist teachers and support assistants, led by a Registered Psychologist - usually an Educational Psychologist. For campus-based assessments we recommend involving a number of support assistants from the host university/college as this provides familiarity for the students, additional support for the team and professional development for the support assistants involved.

A member of the Matrix Assessment Team will visit the campus prior to the assessment session to brief the support assistants on the assessment tools they will be using. You will be asked to provide some background information prior to the assessment session.